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History of iCare

ICare started out as two groups of friends playing the Call of Duty franchise. We called ourselves TTVW (‘te triest voor woorden’) and NLD. We managed to annoy eachother in online games and we kept looking for eachother. This competitive attitude led to the merge of TTVW and NLD into the iCare. Clan!

Years went by and the clan got more dedicated members. As our resources increased and our brand name was being recognized. We noticed we needed a change. We weren’t a clan anymore. It wasn’t just about games. It became a community where people got involved in both the good and the bad things about eachother’s lifes.

This meant we needed a change in how we envisioned the community. We made a change in our management and we decided to add a couple criteria for new members. People are now recruited for their complementing personalities and norms and values in addition to our clan. (We became the iCare. community we are today.)

Requirements to joining iCare

  • You have to be an active member;
  • You have to be 18 years or older;
  • Take no part in hacking/cheating in online games.

We would like to connect with you, both online and offline. For this to happen you have to be an active member. Our age restriction is not meant to exclude anyone, but our goal is to have a like minded community. If you happen to be below 18 years of age but you fit in like a glove, we will ofcourse make an exception for you. In iCare we stand for fair play. This is why we won’t tolerate hacking, cheating or likewise (practices).


  • Registration on this website is mandatory;
  • Be active on the iCare. Teamspeak;
  • No hacking, cheating or conspiring with them!

If there are any difficulties, feel free to let us know and we are more then willing to help out!

Recruitment process

Once you meet all the criteria above a member will assign you iCare. Recruit membership on Teamspeak and on the website. The recruit status will last for a period of two weeks. Following this period an Icare leader will evaluate whether you match with(in) our community. If so you will be granted a permanent membership status.

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