Eco a survival / crafting game


What is the eco game?

EcoEco is a survival /crafting game. When you play this game everything you do can have a change on the environment. If you kill to many rabbits, there populations die’s and that will have impact on the wolf populations and so on. This game is still early access and was released 6 February 2018. Basically its a learning game for kids and adults. Build up your home and try to stop the meteor from hitting the planet. And try Doing this without wiping out the Eco system.

How does it work

eco skill treeWhen beginning a new game it starts with a tutorial. looking collecting food and collecting wood and stone. Next step is to build a small house where you can place your crafting tables. Every crafting table needs a amount of room in a closed off room and a tech level of sort. The game has a advantage skill tree and learning grid. With experience point you can some unlock skills in the beginning. It’s easier t do with more people so you can divide roles. Like a hunter, farmer, stone mason or carpenter. Later on you can learn more skills but you will have to research them first. Also there a a lot of game option setting a government and stores and so on.

What I love About Eco

It’s a one of a kind Crafting / survival game, that’s based on learning about the Eco system, and by that gives a unique experience. It’s isn’t a easy game and the more friend you play it with the better the game go’s and the more fun it will be.

More info about eco

Steam-store | Steam-community | website | Eco news

iCare members that play this game

Do you want someone to play this game with, ask one of the following iCare members:
iCare. Roshmeck | iCare. TheBomb | iCare Alura | iCare Driveman | iCare. Yagame

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