What is Factorio?

Factorio is a real time strategy survival video game. It’s still in development by Wube Software. This game is all about building factories, connecting them together like dots and bottleneck situations. It has a single player mode, you can play with friends in the multiplayer mode and the game has dedicated server options.

It has many game options.

When I started playing Factorio it was a completely different game then it is now, they added a lot of things recently. You can set up your own game, with your own rules and play it with friends whenever. They have also added a campaign nowadays. You can create a world with trains, nuclear power and much more!

What I love about factorio!

Factorio Train GameWhen I don’t know which game to play, I boot up a game of Factorio. It’s easy, mindless and I can play it for hours and walk away to something in between. The game I usually set up is the type “Railroads”, with a lot of lakes and oceans. When you play on a “Railroads” map you can’t just finish a game from the beginning area, but you have to set up a rail system to gather resources.

What I like the most about the game is the start, you have nothing but few metal plates, a burner drill and a stone furnace. The thing I really appreciate is that the developers listen to the community, the much requested nuclear power and railroads are finally added to the game. Which’s awesome!

Tips & Tricks.

Below you’ll find some things that help me start up a game.

2 burner drills

You can place 2 burner drills against each other on a coal ore patch and they’ll supply each other’s power. They’ll mine more than they are consuming, so you’ll have more than enough coal to kick start your game.

Picking up resources

I used to pick up items by walking over a conveyor belt while holding down the F key, but you can completely mess up your resource supply by doing that. What I learned later on is that it’s so much easier to collect plates and items that are done from furnaces and assemblers. You can do this by holding down the control key and left click on a machine you want to collect resources from

Using the alt key

By using the alt key you can see what’s in every storage or production machine. No more headaches!

More info about factorio:

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