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    Project definition

    The goal for this project is to get a bigger “footprint” in the online gaming world. Showing the world who iCare. is and what we do. This would be our online promotion / advertising method.


    Project goal and desired outcome

    [Describe the goal of this project and what you want to achieve with the project – clear outcomes]

    A structured agenda with times and people that will streaming to Twitch.

    Once the project is finished we will have a set of people dedicated to add content on the set times of the agenda and the know how on how stream the content.


    Once this project is finished it can be continued in increasing Youtube content for the future (new project).



    [Describe/list the required conditions that need to be met before the project can start]

    1. The Twitch account has to be in working order and shared with the content creators.
    2. The informational section of the Twitch account has to be filled in.
    3. Website agenda/calender needs to be functional

    0.9 version of the stream handbook:
    Get educated
    Before you start streaming, make sure you are aware of the Twitch guide lines about the content you are going to be showing. As iCare. we will follow these rules!

    If you have any doubts about what you are going to stream, please consult with one of the other streamers and discuss your idea.
    As a gaming community keep in mind that we too adopt the 0 hacking/cheating policy! So don’t go on twitch to show off your incredible hacks.

    Pre-flight checklist
    Before you start streaming make sure you check off the following things:
    – How long are you going to stream? (half an hour, hour?)
    – Reserve the slot in the iCare calendar!
    – What are you going to stream?
    – Check if you have topics to talk about, try and avoid “awkward silences”.
    – Check the news pages for “hot topics”
    – Write down some topics you really like to talk about
    – Are you streaming alone or with someone else?
    – Make sure you (all) know what you are going to do, share the talking topics beforehand
    – Have you checked the technical availability of what you need?
    – TS working?
    – Twitch working?
    – Game working?

    The beginning
    Make sure you do a short introduction, what are people watching, who is hosting and who are your guests.
    And never, ever, ever start the stream late!
    It’s best to start 5 minutes early than 5 minutes late.

    The middle
    Have the stream be entertaining for yourself, have fun in what you do! This will show on the stream.
    And don’t forget, you prepared for this, if you don’t know what to talk about, if technical difficulties arise, make it work for you!

    The end
    Make sure you do a short outro, when will people be able to “tune in” again, where can they find more information about you(us) and what can you tell them about the next stream?

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