A small peek into Spellbreak


In October 2018, our good friends of Proletariat announced to us a game named “Spellbreak”. They have been showing us a world where you fight with toxic sludge tornado’s, fiery meteors and flying icicles. Showing off a battle royale game that isn’t just a copy and paste battleground themed king of the pack simulator. Spellbreak is a fantasy-themed battle royale and after months of closed alpha they lifted the NDA. Now we can take on the fantasy battle royale and bring the magic to our own monitors.

Spelbreak Toxic Tornado Combi Skill

After getting my Spellbreak hyping hands on a key, I’ve dropped from the sky into the castle-like ruins and breath taking hills. Whenever you land, the hunt for every player starts the same “Resources and Survival”. Getting your fair share out of magical gauntlets, runes, gear and consumables that come out of magical caches. Readying yourself for an epic magic throwing battle to find out who the better spellcaster is.

The element gauntlets

Every gauntlet comes with it’s own tier and element. Fire, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Frost and Toxic gauntlets make for a creative, colourful and skillful showndown. Next to the gauntlets there are necklaces, boots and belts. Each of these items give you a passive that helps with the playstyle you pick or the gauntlets you find. As last choice of equipments that aid you in battle you have the runes. These runes give you a special ability for example, a rune that gives you the ability to fly through the heavens for a short amount of time or become invisible. Just be careful of your mana and not run out while taking on another spellcaster.

Spelbreak landscape overview

create your own unique magical arsenal

However gauntlets and equipments aren’t the end of the flexiblity in Spellbreak. Every new game gives you the chance to choose out of 11 different classes. Each of the classes level as you pick that specific class and rack up experience. The classes support players for example “Tempest” aids your wind abilities and makes you immune to opposite whirlwinds instead of dragging you in, it launches you upwards for aerial movement. Taking all these customizations into account to create your own unique magical arsenal.
Spelbreak skill tree

After the releases of all these battle royale games, being fed W’s and chicken dinner’s I am truly enjoying this magical adventure called Spellbreak. It was about time someone took the battle royale genre and mixed it with fantasy.

More info about spellbreak:

Website | Discord | Twitter | Reddit

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