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The Magicka collectionSome of us know, love and hate Magicka and Some of us still need to experience the emotional roller coaster that is the world of Magicka. Magicka first came out in 2011, it was different, it is funny and it gave you lots of fun stuff to play with. With time it didn’t age well when it came to bugs and crashes, which was sad to see.

Magicka is based on Norse mythology.

Up to four mages of a sacred order travel to fight against an evil sorcerer and his creations. The game world is based loosely on Norse mythology, drawing inspiration from other fantasy games like Warhammer and Diablo, while also making regular use of comedy and self-referential humor. The game also takes liberties when it comes to the classic fantasy setting, at one point supplying the players with an M60 machine gun. In expansions the game also explores a Vietnam War setting as well as the Lovecraftian Cthulhu universe.

Because of the game’s success, despite it’s horrible technical code from the 1990’s, they came back with a polished version: Magicka 2!

I have only played a little bit of Magicka 2, but it brings back the old feeling the Original version gave! One of it’s flaws that many people mentioned and which I experienced as well is that the difficulty level is very high when going at it alone. For as much power as Magicka 2 gives you, it’s well-matched by encounters that require you to wield that power intelligently. Try and get some friends to play with you, and the hilarity of the game will ensue!

Magicka has many extra’s in it’s games. They are fun to play together or against each other. You can play the game fitting to your mood for that moment.

I have enjoyed the game, and I am certain I’ll keep enjoying it with friends, the game is never the same!

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